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Category: Specialty

pair of crackle glass windows
Pair of SG Windows, with Crackle Glass
$725 each
stained glass panel with wheel-cut pane
Stained Glass Panel, with Wheel-Cut Symbol
bevel & jewel-cut square window
Decorative Stained Glass Window
paisley and jewel-cut window-sm
Horizontal Jewel-Cut Window
chunk jewel window set
Three-Window Set of SG with Chunk Jewels
painted fired harvest window
Painted/Fired Window, with Rondelles
painted fired window blue rondelle
Painted & Fired Glass, with Rondelles
Charming European Painted & Fired Window
jewel-cut and ribbon window
SG Window, with Jewel-Cuts & Rondelles
leaded glass primitive emblem window
Primitive Window, with Jewel-Cuts
large crackle glass window with jewels
Large Jeweled Window, w/ Crackle-Glass
large vivid Third Street window
Large, Vivid Third Street Window