Category: Sale

salvaged bank clock
Salvaged Bank Clock
three-piece bedroom set-sm
Three-Piece 1875 Bedroom Set
Was $2,750/Now $2,250
extra wide carved sideboard
Carved Mahogany English Sideboard
Was $2,250/Now $1,700
shaped showcase front
Mirrored & Shaped Showcases
Was $1,000 each/Now $800 each & $600 each if buying 5-pc set
shaped showcase side
Shaped & Mirrored Showcase
$800 each/$600 each if buying 5-pc set
Gothic bed with cherub
“Brooks” Renaissance Revival Bed, with Winged Cherub
Was $4,750/Now $4,250
Carved Hall Seat
Was $2,750/Now $1,899
Vernis Martin Gilded Gold Vitrine
Was $4,600/Now $3,750
Oval Mahogany Table
Was $1,750/Now $1,200
Extra-Tall, Multi-Drawer Clickable Filing Cabinet
Was $1,450/Now $900
Multi-Drawer, Clickable Vertical Filing Cabinet
Was $1,450/Now $900
Multi-Drawer Vertical Filing Cabinet, with Scroll-Up Doors
Was $1,450/Now $900
Open cylinder desk
Carved Walnut Rolltop Desk, with Cylinder Cover
Was $1,250/Now $800
Rouge & White Marble Half Mantel, with Arched Opening
Was $3,650/Now $2,750