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Three-Piece 1875 Bedroom Set

Awesome, three-piece, 1875 Victorian-style, carved bedroom set. Includes bed frame with shaped headboard and footboard, dresser with white marble shelf tops, drawers and vertical mirror, and small side washstand with drawers and shaped white marble shelf top and back panel. Headboard of bed and frame of dresser have matching carved crowns, and all three pieces share carved features, accents and similar hardware.
NOTE: This selected item is currently available at a reduced price.

Item Number: 23301

Dimensions: Bed Frame: 8'-5.5" (101.5") tall x 60.5" wide x 6'7.5" (79.5") long; Dresser: & Mirror: 8'-8" (94") tall x 45" wide x 18.5" deep; Washstand: 38.5" tall x 32" wide x 27" deep

Price: Was $2,750/Now $2,250


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Three-Piece 1875 Bedroom Set
Three-Piece 1875 Bedroom SetThree-Piece 1875 Bedroom SetThree-Piece 1875 Bedroom SetThree-Piece 1875 Bedroom Set