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large antique marble lamps
Pair of 6-Foot Marble Lamps
colorful dome table lamp
“Unique” Lamp & Shade, w/ “Bradley-Hubbard” Base
Erkins Glass table lamp
“Erkins” 1900s Lamp & Shade
five-armed ceiling light with plate mount
Five-Armed Suspended Light
18-light brass chandelier-sm
18-Light Brass Chandelier
pair of iron sconces
Pair of Cast-Iron Sconces
3-arm filigree light
3-Armed Light, with Antique Shades
French Art Deco light
Four-Armed French Deco Bowl Light
French bronze 6-arm ceiling light
Six-Arm French Bronze Light
pair of Sheffield wall sconces
Pair of 3-Armed Sheffield Sconces
two-figure Newel post light
Two-Figure Newel Post Light
newel post light with sculpture
19th Century Newel Post Light & Sculpture
pair of cast-iron entrance light posts
Pair of Cast-Iron Entrance Lamps
bent glass bowl chandelier full
Four-Armed Bent Glass Chandelier
colorful oval stained glass Lightbox
Oval SG Lightbox
brass light with ship emblems
Six-Arm Brass Light, with Ship Emblems
shaped industrial lights
Set of Three Industrial Lights
Arts & Crafts ceiling light with stained glass-sm
Bronze Chandelier, with Quezal Shades & SG Base
Call 513-241-2985
Large Gothic chandelier
Six Bronze Gothic Chandeliers
$7,500 per pair
rare floral gas-electric pole light
Rare 3-Arm Gas/Electric Pole Light
converted electric-gas pole light
3-Arm Gas/Electric Pole Light
Newel post with man and woman
1900s Newel Light, with Figures
reverse-painted dome lamp
Reverse-Painted Dome Lamp
6-arm light vianne shades
6-Arm Brass Light, with Vianne Shades
painted fired lantern light
Painted & Fired Lantern Light
iron basket light
Small Black-Iron Basket Light
crafted brass frame schoolhouse light
Schoolhouse Light, with Crafted Frame
four-armed filigreed brass ceiling light-sm
4- & 5-Armed Brass Ceiling Lights
$400 & $450
five-armed fan light brass-LG
Five-Armed Brass Ceiling Light
four-armed filigree light
Filigreed Four-Armed Brass Light
spherical three-armed light
Round Three-Armed Light
four-armed bowl light
Four-Armed Bowl Light
ornate flush mount bowl lights
Multiple Bronze Flush-Mount Lights
$825 each
18-arm brass chandelier
18-Light Brass Chandelier
brass chandelier full image
16-Light Gas Chandelier
Call 513-241-2985
four-armed brass light
Four-Armed Brass Light
six-armed cherub chandelier
Nickle-Plated Chandelier, with Cherubs
Art Deco globe light
Art Deco Globe Light
brass sconces pair angels
Pair of Brass Sconces, with Angels
$625 for pair
bent glass dome lamp
Bent Glass Panel Lamp
nickel plated light
Four-Armed Nickel-Plated Light
vintage brass crystal chandelier
Vintage Brass & Crystal Chandelier
Pair of French Brass Sconces
$2,450 for pair
“Explosion-Proof” Mercury Vapor Lights
$495 each
Multiple Art Deco School Lights
$225 each
Art Metal Light, with Feather Pattern
Nice Art Deco Light
Single Floor Lamp, with Triangle Base
Bent Glass Table Lamp, with Filigree
Small Alabaster Lamp
Shaped Schoolhouse Light
“Arts & Crafts” Table Lamp
Six-Shade Ceiling Light
Stunning Six-Armed Brass Light, with Angels
Vintage Four-Armed Candelabra
Large Frosted-Glass Bowl Light, with Floral Embossings
Three-Armed Brass Light, with Down-Pointing Shades
Ornate, 8-Arm Carved Wood Chandelier
Bent Glass Table Lamp, with Dragon Relief
Decorative Holophane Dome Fixture, with Black Metal Base
Uncommon Holophane Ceiling Fixtures
$325 each
Multiple Holophane Ceiling Fixtures
$325 each
Octagonal Bowl Light with Floral Art
Salvaged Theater Spotlight
Vintage Theater Spotlight
Twin-Shade Pool Table Light, with Adjustable Chain
Hexagonal Paneled Art Deco Light
Finely Crafted Filigree Table Lamp
Plaster Floor Lamp, with Artful Stand & Shade
Antique American Chandelier
French Six-Arm Chandelier
Industrial Spotlight
Industrial Green Oversize Lights
$95 Each
Industrial Spotlight
Six-Arm Gas/Electric Light
Three Arm Electric Light
Industrial Square Spotlight
Large Industrial Lights
$250 Each
Industrial Lights
$125 Each
Schoolhouse Lights
Halophane Light
Large Art Deco Light
Stained Glass Hanging Light
English Tudor Bowl Light
Industrial Spotlight
Chandelier From Corbett Tower
Small Crystal Chandelier
Large Brass Chandelier
Newel Lamp, with Female Figure & Five Fixtures
Pair of Art Deco Slipper Sconces, with Wood Bases & Glass Shades
Large, Cast-Iron Ring Chandelier
Two-Armed Brass Light, with Filigree & Antique Shades
Small Bronze Bowl Light
Pair of Double-Armed Floor Lamps
Classic 18-Arm Crystal Chandelier
Four-Armed Sheffield Light, with Floral Shades
Caramel Slag Glass Table Lamp
shaped glass schoolhouse light
Schoolhouse Light, with Shaped Globe
1 of pair of Gothic chandeliers
Pair of Large Gothic Chandeliers
French Chandelier With 4 Foot Drop