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Round “Pietra Dura” Inlaid Table

Exquisite “Pietra Dura” black marble table, with floral inlay artwork in tabletop and gilded frame. Base includes tripod leg support, with nude figural sculptures and filigree. Trim includes many scrolls, seashells and other natural motifs. The translation of “Pietra Dura” is “hardstone” and is a Florentine crafting technique that is derived from early Roman practices. This is the method for creating the inlaid tabletop artwork that uses differently sized pieces fit together, as opposed to equal-sized pieces in a mosaic.

Item Number: 24072

Dimensions: 30.5" tall x 29.5" wide (top diameter) x 28" base

Price: $2,250


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Round “Pietra Dura” Inlaid Table
Round “Pietra Dura” Inlaid TableRound “Pietra Dura” Inlaid TableRound “Pietra Dura” Inlaid TableRound “Pietra Dura” Inlaid TableRound “Pietra Dura” Inlaid Table

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