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Ornate Rococo “Mitchells-Rammelsberg” Mirror

Large Rococo mirror, with ornately carved crown and trim, and shaped mirror, attributed to historical Cincinnati furniture makers Mitchella-Rammelsberg, circa 1860s. Trim and crown feature deeply carved, naturalistic details of flowers, fruit and vines, with many notches and cutaways. and banded relief on inner frame around mirror.

Item Number: 22360

Dimensions: 7'8" (92") tall x 82" wide x 12" deep

Price: SOLD


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Ornate Rococo “Mitchells-Rammelsberg” Mirror
Ornate Rococo “Mitchells-Rammelsberg” MirrorOrnate Rococo “Mitchells-Rammelsberg” MirrorOrnate Rococo “Mitchells-Rammelsberg” MirrorOrnate Rococo “Mitchells-Rammelsberg” Mirror