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Over the years at Wooden Nickel Antiques we have bought, sold, and built just about every type and style of antique back and front bars. Some are the larger restaurant models: Brunswick triple arch, the famous Del Monte, Rothchild bars with marble insets and stained glass. We have become well known for the "one of a kind" pub and canopy style bars we create from architectural salvage. Some of these can be quite elaborate, incorporating columns with carved capitols, loads of beveled glass and mirrors, and antique carvings. Both the antique and fabricated bars are made from oak, walnut, mahogany woods. All are one of a kind to create a unique saloon of your own. We have also designed and built popular marble top "ice cream" bars. Back and front bars all disassemble, are free-standing, and are easily shipped. Please call us for information on our current inventory - 513-241-2985.


Antique Carved Oak Front And Back Bar - Back Bar: 104 1/4" High x 149" Wide x 17 1/2" Deep - Front Bar: 44 1/4" High x 159" Wide x 32 12" Deep (14224)

View Of Back Bar Only (14224)

Close-Up Views Of Capitol And Front Bar Of Previously Pictured Bar (14224)


Mahogany Front And Back Bar - Marble Columns - Carved Capitols - Antique Shade And Pulls (14160)

Photo Of Back Bar Only Of Mahogany Front And Back Bar - Back Bar: 8' 10" High x 69 1/2" Wide x 22" Deep - Front Bar: 42" High x 10' Wide x 28" Deep (14160)

Close-Up Of Carved Capitol Of Mahogany Front And Back Bar (14160)


Oak Back And Front Bar - View Of Back Bar - 21 Lights - Carved Capitols - Back Measurements: 129 1/2" High x 167" Wide x 23 1/2" Deep (14129)


View Of Front Bar To Previously Pictured Back Bar - Front Measurements: 44 1/2" High x 178 1/2" Wide x 31 1/2" Deep (14129)


Close-Up Of Carving On Back Bar (14129)


Close-Up Of Lights On Back Bar (14129)


Close-Up Of Carving And Capitol On Both Sides Of Back Bar (14129)

Close-Up Of Carving In Previous Picture (14129)

Close-Up Of Carvings On Front Bar (14129)

Walnut Front Bar Only - Carved - 43" High x 109" Wide x 34" Deep (14188)


Oak Front And Back Bar - Stained Glass, Cut Glass Antique Shade With Grape Cluster Design, Columns Have Fancy Capitols (14051)

Front Bar Only - Measurements: 43" High x 138" Wide x 30" Deep (14051)

Back Bar Only - Measurements: 97" High x 122" Wide x 24" Deep (14051)

Close-Up Of Stained Glass And Carved Capitol Of Oak Front And Back Bar (14051)

Oak Back And Front Bar - Stained Glass In Columns And Crown - Carved (13249)

Back Bar Only - Measurements: Back - 105" High x 108" Wide x 20" Deep; Front - 43" High x 111" Wide x 26 1/2" Deep (13249)

Close-Up Of Stained Glass Of Previously Pictured Bar (13249)

Close-Up Of Top Of Previously Pictured Bar (13249)


Oak "Ice Cream" Bar - Stained Glass, Carved Capitols, Beveled Mirrors, Marble Top - 8' 10" High x 10' 6" Wide x 18" Deep (14094)



Oak Art Deco Back Bar Top - Circa 1930 - 44" High x 273" Wide x 13" Deep (14187)


Oak Pub Style Canopy Bar Custom Designed And Built By Wooden Nickel Antiques - 7' 4" High x 10' 4" Wide At Crown x 10' Wide Front Bar x 7' 1 1/2" Deep (12295)


Triple Arch Back Bar With Fluted Columns And Lion Accents - (12276)


Oak Single Arch Saloon Back Bar With Front Bar And Brass Rail - Circa 1890-1900 - Back Bar: 10' 6" High x 16' Wide (12204)


Brunswick Metropolitan Back Bar - Mahogany - Turn Of The Century - 9' 5" High x 20' Wide x 22 1/2" Deep (13176)


Antique Huss Brothers Back Bar - Circa 1885 - 10' 2" High x 20' Wide - Oak With Beveled Columns, Carved, Antique Shades, Wheel-Cut And Beveled Mirrors On Crown, Original Hardware (13199)


Arts And Crafts Front And Back Bar - Carved Capitols With Inlaid Glass - Stained Glass On Top Corners - Antique Shade (13491)


Art Deco Mahogany Front And Back Bar - Circa 1930 (14159)